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Paul Reed Smith (PRS) S2 Series Mira Reviewed

S2 SERIES guitars from PRS reveals the company's desire to offer more affordable alternatives to its "core" instruments, while still building them in same Stevensville, Maryland factory. Starting at $1,179 for the Mira and topping out at $1,399 for the Custom 24 (with a stop at $1,249 for the S2 Starla), these new S2s are the results of some very dedicated efforts by PRS to find ways of lowering production costs without compromising on quality, sound, or playability. PRS uses the same aged tonewoods on the S2s, but in less costly selections that are well suited for the primarily solid colors that the S2s come in. In fact, the only the model in the S2 line with a figured maple cap is the Custom 24.

The S2s' Pattern Regular necks are similar to those made by PRS in late '80s, however, by making them with a scarf joint for the headstock and a splice joint for the heel, less costly mahogany blanks of smaller dimensions can be used. The S2s wear a high-gloss finish comprised of a polyester basecoat and an acrylic topcoat. It's essentially the same one PRS used before switching to its new V12 finish, though the process has been improved to allow for a thinner topcoat that quickens curing time and also enhances resonance.

The fretwire, nut, knobs, and jack assembly are all shared between the core and S2 lines, and while you might think some liberties could be taken with the hardware, that's hardly the case. The locking S2 tuners are basically identical to PRS's Phase II type, and the S2 Mira uses the same PRS Stoptail bridge/tailpiece found on the core models. The Starla sports a Tune-o-matic bridge and a Bigsby B50 vibrato, and only the Custom 24 borrows its PRS tremolo bridge from the imported SE line. The S2 pickups used in these guitars are proprietary designs made to PRS specifications, and each pair is optimized for the particular S2 model they're installed in.

The S2 guitars are excellent playing, toneful instruments that look great and clearly land at very attractive prices for all they offer. Each has something that will appeal to certain players.

The S2 Mira is the model that really grabs us at Blues Guitar Center.  The Mira is an exceptional Blues and or Blues/Rock weapon of choice.  Strikes me as a hybrid  between a Gibson Les Paul Junior and a Gibson SG, with the added joy of coil splitting for some Fender like single coil sonic flavors.  Light weight ( just a smidge over 6lbs.) and the thin body makes the Mira feel like a natural extension of your body when wearing it on a strap standing.  All the solid body Blues guitar tones are there, right at your fingertips with quick and easy controls that fall right to hand.   The Prs S2 Series  pushes above the $1K mark, however, plays and looks well above it's pricepoint and can last you a lifetime of feeding your soul with killer Blues tones. We highly reccomend the Mira as well as any of the new S2 line-up.  PRS has done the Guitar Player world a great favor with this new line.  Well done.